VIRIDIAN Model Phenology Module

PROJECT NAME: VIRIDIAN Model Phenology Module

COMPANY: Viridian Raven

COUNTRY: Netherlands



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VIRIDIAN Model Phenology Module

Integrated model against bark beetle outbreaks for agroforestry.

European forests are dying. The forest cover increases, but these forests are under more and more threat from pests. The most invasive of these pests is the bark beetle, mainly Ips typographus. This insect lays its eggs under the bark of a tree and when the larvae hatch, they eat their way under the bark. This prevents the transport of water, nutrients and energy within the tree, which kills it.

A large outbreak can contain thousands of bark beetles. They can kill entire forests, devastating the ecosystem and timber production. If a forest dies, this has a direct destructive consequence for surrounding communities, as well as world-wide consequences.

Outbreaks are extremely expensive for forestry companies around the world. Current prevention management consists of visual inspection of trees and/or removing trees to prevent the spread of bark beetles. All these techniques are time consuming and cost a lot of manpower.

Viridian Raven has developed a basic model to identify high risk areas for outbreaks. This can be used to take preventive measures on a small spatial scale, which is cheaper and less invasive.

Currently the model uses satellite and user data, however, by incorporating temperature data in combination with a beetle phenology model, accuracy can be improved drastically. This will make the model a useful management tool.

The application will be user-friendly, with no remote-sensing knowledge required. This way, Viridian Raven aims to make satellite data accessible to all foresters.

On a larger scale, the benefits of the application will be an improvement of forest protection. This has large effects on the communities living in and around the forests.

A result will be more old forests, with large trees. This increases all ecosystem products and services, such as erosion prevention, local climate regulation, recreation and water purification.

About the company

Viridian Raven is a start-up company that makes satellite data available for foresters. Using open data and field data from forestry companies, we have created a set of algorithms that show high risk areas for outbreaks of a specific, but dangerous forest pest, bark beetles. This way, Viridian Raven wants to contribute to saving forests worldwide.

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