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Jesús Miguel Pérez Llano



This project is to create a touch free, real-time reporting checklist solution (TedARCH) for surgeons in operating theatres.

By using intuitive gestures and / or speech commands (instead of having to touch a pen, mouse or screen), surgeons will be able to transcribe during surgery whilst remaining in the sterile environment and not having to de-scrub.

The TedARCH solution will reduce the risk of patients catching a Surgical Site Infection (SSI) and will also allow the efficient and sterile management of medical systems during operating procedures.

There is no company in the world that can offer a solution like TedARCH. The interest shown by the market on this type of solutions is patent in the fact that many companies pretend to offer a similar solution. Currently, ARCH is a solution well established in the industry and it has enormous potential to be implemented in other areas.

The proposed unique solution will provide aseptic and real time control of reporting and checklist activities in the OR. It’s successful introduction in to the market will reduce the time taken for reporting and checklist activities, as well as reduce the risk of patient SSI’s. Therefore, delivering substantial savings in the healthcare system.

About the company

TedCas is a Spanish company specializing in the development and commercialization of technological systems, applications and biomedical technologies.

The company slogan is ‘Helping Surgeons Help Patients’ and this is the key foundation and ultimate guidance for our work. Our technology revolutionizes access and handling of medical information in healthcare environments, by using touch-free Natural User Interfaces based on optoelectronic devices. TedCas technology allows access to digital information in a touchless and intuitive way that does not require leaving the sterilize zone. Thus, reducing the chance of cross infection. This technology has great relevance in the health care environment, resulting in significant cost and time savings.

The core TedCas business is focused in the hospital areas that require a sterile or semi-sterile environment: i.e. ORs, interventional radiology rooms or radio diagnostic rooms. All these areas and associated medical devices require special aseptic conditions.

The TedCas technology provides better control of images during surgical procedures, hence reducing the procedure time. Time efficiency gains are the not the only benefit as TedCas also reduces the handling and touching of screens during surgery, thus reducing cross contamination.

It was selected by Microsoft as one of the four best Kinect based applications globally and Telefonica invested in TedCas through its start-up accelerator Wayra. It has been awarded as the Start-up Health, the prestigious NYC based eHealth accelerator. TedCas became the 1st Spanish company and 2nd in Europe selected by Start-up Health.

More information: http://tedcas.es/

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