COMPANY: TE Laboratories Ltd

COUNTRY: Ireland



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Sandra Lacey


To advance the development of passive sampling in the agro food sector.

This project aims to combine ICT tools with established analytical techniques in an innovative way to produce a “smart” passive sampler. Passive samplers are currently used in agriculture to measure the phosphorous (P) available to plants in the soil. Passive samplers are sampling devices that require no power source as they rely on unaided molecular diffusion of available P towards an internal layer/disc, via a membrane, resulting in accumulation within the device. As a macro nutrient P is required for cell division and root development and is especially vital for seedlings and young plants.

This innovative product will be able to measure the concentration of P and other nutrients in the soil on site. This passive sampler kit can save time and resources for the end users including farmers, food producers, agricultural researchers, soil testing laboratories. Additionally, this product will result in at least 5 jobs, 5 years post project in TE Laboratories Ltd where this product will also add to the environmental services portfolio offered by its Environmental Laboratory.

At the same time, this passive sampler kit can contribute to nutrient management in agriculture and to saving costs for farmers by reducing excessive use of fertilizers, through simplifying nutrient management with an inexpensive kit that can provide results on site / in the field.

About the company

T.E. Laboratories Ltd is a unique SME which has continued to expand and diversify over its 25-year history in Tullow, Co. Carlow, Ireland. The company was formed in 1991 initially specializing in the analysis and treatment of fuel. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength through a series of diversifications of our core business.  We now boast a first-class INAB Accredited Environmental Laboratory, a Chemical Manufacturing Laboratory, and a Microbiological Laboratory in addition to our Fuel Laboratory and our active R&D Department.

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