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Introducing passive and wireless flexible sensors for the Agrofood sector.

Food recalls are a major concern for the food industry. In recent years, the number of identified and reported incidents of contaminated food products has dramatically increased, posing serious health and economic consequences. Based on the latest nanotechnology, we have developed QStamp. QStamp is a flexible, low-cost and wireless sensor that can measure temperature, humidity, pressure and light using nanotechnology. QStamp runs without battery and can be applied on any material regardless of its shape. The temperature, humidity and pressure data collected by the QStamp® is sent to a database through wireless protocols such as RFID. Our software translates the information into actionable data within the users preferred system (ranging from Excel to complex supply chain management ERP’s) via API’s.

Our overall objective is to see our QStamp on any packaged food item around Europe that can monitor at least six variables. Our dream is for QStamp to become a requirement for food labeling, just as it is a requirement now to disclose the country of origin, for instance. In the long run, we envision our stamp to be used for pharmaceuticals and by the logistics sector as well. Under European law, traceability means the ability to track any food, feed, food-producing animal or substance that will be used for consumption, through all stages of production, processing and distribution. Its aim is to prevent potential risks that can arise in food and feed, to ensure that all food products in the EU are safe for European citizens to eat. QStamp can significantly contribute to enhanced traceability.

At MaterDynamics, we develop nano-sensors to wirelessly monitor and report the external variables that can act over products and industrial processes. With this Phase I and Phase II project, our goal is to prepare our QStamp for market launch. This project is of key strategic interest to us as this will allow us to become the global leader in nano-tech-based smart product tracking.

About the company

Mater Dynamics is a SME dedicated to develop sensoring solutions combining ICT and Advanced Materials practices. Our technology comprises microelectronics, RF communications, cloud computing and materials’ synthesis, in order to allow Mater Dynamics conceiving better sensors.

Our expertise can be summarized by saying that we develop and fabricate printed low-power electronic circuits with integrated nanosensors, which can measure external variables through standard wireless technologies and non-invasive operational protocols.

Currently we have a team of PhDs and MScs (2 PhDs, 3 MSCs and 2 BScs) with backgrounds ranging from Chemical Engineering up to Computer Science, having one dedicated team member for Business Development. In addition, we have an informal board of advisors from institutions as the M.I.T. and NOVA Business School, and from corporate side as Altice.

More information: https://materdynamics.com/

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