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Marta Garcia-Cosio

PAMIS: Personalized additive manufactured implants for scoliosis treatment

In severe cases of scoliosis surgery may be needed to prevent progression and/or correct the spine curve to avoid physical problems. Scoliosis surgery is linked to the implantation of standard straight/flat metallic straps (titanium, Cr/Co), with several holes, screwed to the spine. The position and number of straps is defined by the expertise of the surgeon.

3D digital model and structure optimization has been a challenge in the aerospace industry for the last 20 years. Scoliosis surgery implants could be functional, shape and topologically optimized, always looking for a uniform stress distribution. Thanks to the possibility of working with 3D scan CAD models of the spine, finite element modeling and design optimization techniques can be applied.

This new concept of optimized implants can help to improve these cases of severe scoliosis improving the rate on the life quality test for the patients and giving economical savings to the health system due to the reduction of post surgery issues. It is as well an opportunity to take advantage of the “digital twin” concept to prepare scoliosis surgery and implants.

This pairing of the virtual and physical worlds allows heading off problems before they even occur in the surgery. The virtual human model concept and new definition of bio-inspired 3D printed parts for scoliosis could open the way to the definition of other lines of orthopedic implants and the application of materials better suited to the specific stress to correct in each case.

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CITD is an Aerospace engineering firm founded back in 2000 (as ITD; Design Technologies and Engineering) and re-branded in 2015, while it maintains its leadership in the Aerospace and Defence industries. Headquartered in Getafe (Madrid, Spain), CITD is a key supplier of engineering services in the fields of Aircraft systems and structural components, Space systems and structures design and analyses as the company is gaining a relevant position in Nuclear components design, Large Scientific Installations and Infrastructures & Civil Works Projects, adopting BIM methodology.

CITD products and services include Fluid-Mechanical and Electrical Systems Installation design, structure design and stress analysis for Aircraft and Space industries, Instrumentation and FTI design, units installation and Mock-Up management. CITD continuously provides innovative and cost-efficient solutions, with the aim of positioning itself as a preferred supplier for major operators worldwide, as well as diversify its activities in Energy and Civil Engineering, but also walking towards new technologies as additive manufacturing, drone technologies, and digitalization tools and processes.

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