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Precision farming leaders for Olive Crops

New solution to support the decision-making in the quality management and control of agricultural exploitations

The technological challenge in the OLEO-SENSE project consists of being able to contribute a new solution to support the decision-making in the quality management and control of agricultural exploitations, initially olive farms, through the integration of several technologies (RPAS, Satellite images, RFID sensors and systems, natural systems modelling).

Furthermore, this combination must allow offering a more competitive product/service regarding the existing technological alternatives and be the best one in terms of the generated cost-benefit ratio. UTW would be able to offer a product-service, complete or by modules, which would be a valuable tool to improve the irrigated olive farms, being gradually extrapolated to other crops such as citrus fruits, vineyard or almond tree.

Some of the applications of the OLEO-SENSE system are: reduction of water consumption and costs of irrigation, fertilization and prevention of pathologies. The most valuable application will be the determination of the state of maturity of the olive, since it is information highly valued by the olive grower, allowing him to decide the beginning of the harvest in each plot optimizing, this way, production and quality.

Finally, the system would also provide improved traceability of the collection operations from the field to the olive mill.

About the company

UTW is a company which starts its activity in drone operations on civil engineering uses (photogrammetry, topography, technical inspections), adapting at that time to the market demand. However, since its beginning May 2015, UTW’s goal is to specialize and identify those unmet needs in the market which could benefit from the use of RPAS and the integration of ICT technologies.

The sectors in which UTW has operated so far include:

Civil engineering: use of the RPAS technology to be applied in civil and energy engineering, such as the topographical survey of an area, infrastructures 3-D modelling, or aerial technical inspections (both visual and thermal).

Precision farming: use of drones to capture visual, multispectral and thermal data for the generation of terrain models and vegetation index maps.

Currently, UTW has met the following milestones since its establishment:

• Personnel Training / Certification as RPAS Pilots of up to 25 kg (MTOM).
• Certification as AESA Authorized Operator certification.
• Signing of collaboration agreements with specific training centres and research centres.
• Personnel training in thermography, GIS and remote sensing.
• Identification of strategic suppliers / partners.
• Exhibitor at FIMART 2016 fair and attendance at international fairs and congresses.
• Implementation of R & D projects related to the business plan.
• First customers / testers achievement in each business line.
• Complete the first R + D + I development together with Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
• Hire an agronomic science engineer.
• CDTI NEOTEC grant award for 2017-2018 period.

More information: http://www.utw.es/en/

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