PROJECT NAME: NetPathology

COMPANY: BMD software, Lda

COUNTRY: Portugal



Contact information

Luís Bastião Silva


NetPathology intends to create a large scale medical repository to support tele-pathology, allowing a faster transfer of information and reduced costs.

With the successive digitalization of healthcare records, several telemedicine tools and workflows have been adopted by healthcare institutions and practitioners. This new trend of health services copes well with citizens’ mobility and with the higher concentration of specialists in some metropolitan areas. Although telemedicine has been applied in some healthcare areas, e.g. radiology, there are still others where this is not a common practice. This is the case of pathology where samples are still mostly handled in the microscope.

However, in recent years, digital pathology and whole-slide imaging (WSI) have been gaining much attention, due to the appearance of digital scanners from different manufacturers. The area is expected to increase and the “microscopy devices market is poised to grow from US$5.75 billion in 2013 to US$9.69 billion by 2020”. However, some barriers have been slowing down the adoption of WSI, such as performance issues associated with storage and distribution of huge volumes of data, and the lack of interoperability with other hospital information systems, most notably Picture Archive and Communications Systems (PACS) based on the DICOM standard.

In this project, we will create a strategic plan for a telepathology solution supported on digital image standards. To implement this plan, we will develop:

1) a large-scale pathology archive, and

2) a web pathology viewer fully compliant with DICOM standard communications and data formats.

The archive will be responsible for data storage and manipulation in DICOM WSI format, offering communication interfaces based on the most recent DICOM Web services. The second component is a zero-footprint viewer that runs in any web-browser to promote telepathology.

BMD developed previously PACScenter, a complete software solution for medical imaging centres, which is being used in highly demanding scenarios, such as the Portuguese Breast Cancer Screening Program.

Download the flyers for more information: Pacscenter , Pacscenter pathology.

Building on this previous experience, this proposal is a strong example of cross-sector transfer between ICT and Healthcare, following the vision of H2020 and the ACTTiVAte call. At the same time, it ensures a high commitment to RIS3, and a high TRL due to our team’s strong background in the PACS area.

About the company

BMD is an SME targeted to the development of novel biomedical software solutions.

The company is grounded on the 20-years+ experience of its members on innovative biomedical applications, from bioinformatics to medical imaging.

BMD members have participated in several European projects in the past years, such as InfoGenMed, InfoBioMed (NoE), EU-ADR (FP7), GEN2PHEN (FP7), RD-CONNECT (FP7) and EMIF (IMI). Moreover, BMD is responsible by the software of the Portuguese Newborn Screening Program and the Portuguese Breast Cancer Screening Program.

It is currently involved in following International projects: HEMOSPEC project (FP7-ICT-2013.3.3); MedBioinformatics (H2020 PHC-32-2014); and EUROLEISH-NET (H2020 MSCA-ITN-ETN).

BMD engineering research team is highly complementary, with a strong background in medical imaging systems and networks, telemedicine, information retrieval, information extraction, biomedical data integration, visualization, and distributed applications, web systems and bioinformatics tools.

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