PROJECT NAME: Nanotechforfood

COMPANY: IXL Netherlands BV

COUNTRY: Netherlands



Contact information

Hans Roelofs (Innovation Director IXL Netherlands)


Development of a robust and scalable food preparation chamber for the the e-Cooker of IXL Netherlands B.V.

Essential part of the e-Cooker is the food preparation chamber with titanium electrodes. The combination of the titanium material with electrical isolating plastics is still an important challenge. Technology provider(s) will develop leading-edge surface technologies or smart combinations of layers.

Prototyp e-Cooker from IXL Netherlands BV

Prototyp e-Cooker from IXL Netherlands BV

The innovation of these providers will be exchanged in this project, resulting in an improved and/or new titanium-coated or layered food preparation chamber. This will improve the necessary electrical conductivity of the pulsed electric fields. It will also open up new scalable manufacturing opportunities and thus lower cost prices. This is essential for the further development and implementation of e-Cooking.

It is theorized that the mature technology of these providers will prove to give the food preparation chamber the right characteristics to rule out problems with e.g. heat-resistance of components, food grade requirements, cleanability, deformation of the product and overall robustness. There is special interest in the material titanium.

The proposed development is in line with the specific topic line Fostering Cross-sectoral Innovation in Agrofood, moreover the cross-sectoral transfer of mature technologies from Health to Agrofood.

About the company

IXL is application developer of the e-Cooker® appliance, which combines in a smart way the effects of electroporation and pulsed ohmic heating in food preparation, resulting in better conservation of original nutritive value and original flavour, colour, structure and taste.

A user can operate a new high speed homogeneous cooking process at low temperatures (50 -100°C) in a safe, simple and reproducible way using substantial less energy. The final product shows similarities with products prepared with sous vide cooking. No cooking oil/fats are necessary.

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