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Ignacio Díaz Reyes


The first tool based on electromyography to provide a deeper and more useful knowledge in physical health and wellness.

Up to 80% of the population will suffer from any Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) at any time of their. Nowadays MSDs are the most common reason of work disability in people under 50 all over the world, more than any other disease like cancer or diabetes.

This works presents mDurance, the first tool based on electromyography (EMG) that unifies the most important technologies with the biggest presence in the market to provide a deeper and more useful knowledge in the field of physical health and wellness.

A wearable EMG sensor, an application for smartphone and tablet and a private web platform having a cloud service as an engine, where all the data are stored, processed and analysed through data mining and Big Data, compose the system.

About the company

This project is a clear example of transfer of knowledge between universities and companies. The project emerges as a final degree project in the Telecommunications degree and it continued developping as a Final Master’s Degree Project in Data Science, both in the University of Granada.

During those two years, all the market characteristics were deeply and meticulously studied, and it was found out that there was a business opportunity in a sector on the rise. In this regard, MDURANCE SOLUTIONS S.L was created focusing mainly on the field of digital health, specifically in the development and marketing of mDurance, therefore the innovation strategy of the company coincides with the strategy of the project in this case.

The management department is composed by the two promoting partners of the company, the technical equipment (composed by two software developers and a product developer) and the healthcare staff (composed by one physiotherapist). Five advisors collaborate externally with the project covering its main areas: two ICTs advisors and three clinical and sport advisors.

The multidisciplinarity of the team is one of the advantages for this project to be successful. The promoting team has qualities in the different specializations, which are essential for the management and development of a business project. Finance and marketing strategy carried out by Ana Reyes, who has more than 30-year experience in companies administration and management and the technical strategic vision for the development of the product of Ignacio Díaz, who has a degree in Telecommunication Engineering and is certified in Lean Startup methodology.

In addition, the company has a multidisciplinary team for the technical development of the product and the clinical and expert knowledge of a PhD in Physiotherapy. Furthermore, thanks to the atractiveness of mDurance, we have a wide range of advisors in the strategic sectors defining the project: ICT, health and sports.

Another advantage is the support of the company Grupo Novotecnic. They have more than 30 year-experience and help us with the development of marketing and finance strategies and with the data protection.

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