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The world population is rapidly increasing, the climate changes are on the rise, the scarcity of arable lands is becoming evident and the demand for high quality food products is also increasing.

The LandEVAL project purpose is thus to settle reliable, friendly and yet cheap and autonomous tools for a systematic study of such potential or risk by farmers or land owners across Europe. This will help already existing expansion initiatives but will also promote new ones, namely from small- and mid-sized farmers/owners, who normally are kept away from all relevant public policies and technological forefronts. This enables novel niche markets, with true commercial potential for solution providers like us, whilst simultaneously stopping and possibly inverting the risky trends of arable land reduction in developed countries.

The technical solution is based on the existing IoT Framework, plugthings))®, developed, owned and exploited by Freedom Grow, whose vertical solution for the AGRO sector is to be further specialized into this very unique niche. The platform will be adapted for even wider range of sensors (for soil, vegetation and atmosphere monitoring) and tailored data acquisition and analytics, in view of requiring minimum human intervention during the long-term monitoring tests. This is different from the several worldwide existing solutions for precision farming and we look for to create a new trend for such valuable niche market.

The cross-border nature of this project further arises from the fact that foreign regions like Poland and Spain face more severe trends with land availability than Portugal itself.

About the company

FreedomGrow is a technology-based company that offers easy and cost effective monitoring solutions based on wireless sensors networks. FreedomGrow team has strong competencies and large experience in the design, development, integration and implementation of monitoring solutions that may integrate multiple sensors and actuators, use several communication protocols, present information through web and mobile interfaces and run automatic analyses to launch alert workflows. Innovation is very important for FreedomGrow so we developed partnerships with knowledge centers and industry to keep developing and offering innovative and cost effective monitoring solutions to the market.

As a result of several years of research and development, FreedomGrow launched the PlugThings)) Framework, a powerful platform to support the development of monitoring solutions based on Wireless Sensors Networks. PlugThings allows developers to accomplish their goals with a structured and focused implementation method in less time and more effective than the conventional way. The partnership with several developers of sensors allows us to offer development tools integrated with a large number of sensors in the market. Any new sensor can be easily integrated in the monitoring applications, following PlugThings methodology for Universal Gateway.

PlugThings is the basis for several applications for vertical markets: Food Safety, Health, Hotels, Home Automation, Energy Efficiency, Environment and Industry. FreedomGrow also develops personalized monitoring solutions to solve every special requirement of our customers.

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