COMPANY: Genética Avanzada DNActive SL




Contact information

Juan Antonio Martinez Fiestas

Mª José de la Paz Gallardo


Personalization of food supplementation through the person’s genetics.

With the present project we want to carry out the development of a personalized nutritional supplementation product to improve health and sports practice, through the transfer of genetic knowledge. It is an innovative project with which we intend to give a supplementation to the most optimal and effective measure thanks to the development of scientific research in the field of genetics. The product is going to consist in the proper selection of nutrients in different formats through the analysis of the genes involved in the different metabolic processes and using a computer algorithm to interpret the results.

About the company

Advanced Genetics DNActive SL is a START UP biosanitary in the field of consumer genomics, specialized in personalizing services (nutritional itineraries, adapted training and tailored supplementation) using the genetics of our patients and providing them at a distance. We currently work in the fields of Sports, Nutrition and Anti-aging.

The company markets and provides its services via Internet since May 2016, confirming a growing trend of sales and we are expected to reach the break-even point in July of this year.

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