COMPANY: CRSA – Connect Robotics Sistemas Autónomos, lda

COUNTRY: Portugal



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FTMD / Transportation of Medicines with Drones

Drone delivery service to transport medicines.

Connect Robotics started to offer deliveries in the segment of health in 2017, with the beginning of partnership with a pharmacy and a hospital.

It developed a drone container that can track and maintain the internal temperature and humidity, to transport medicines in compliance with the industry best practices.

It received authorization to transport medicines from INFARMED (Portuguese agency that regulates medicines distribution) and already had approval to fly BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) from ANAC (Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority).

The ongoing trials are promising, the medicines are delivered within 7 minutes at a lower cost than by courier.

About the company

Connect Robotics is a startup based in Porto, Portugal, offering drones delivery services. Since 2015 the two co-founders are working to optimise the use of autonomous drones for faster and cheaper deliveries. They made the first food delivery by drone in Portugal in 2016 and are operating BVLOS with authorization from regulatory agencies since 2017.

More information: http://connect-robotics.com/

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