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Cristina Porcel Magnusson


Technology to locate targets fully automatically without human supervision objects in satellite imagery.

FARSIGHTS technology finds targets in a very efficient and reliable way. Its patent pending technology takes advantage of an existing technology in coatings, widely used in roofing, and with growing application in the maritime, aerospace and automotive markets.

Coating systems, with pigmentation that can improve the visibility of these objects, are needed. Unlike the exterior paint system, where designers want to achieve a specific color space, lane markings and pedestrian safety vests have greater color flexibility. For these items, maximizing automated visibility by sensors could be more important than cosmetic color.

About the company

SkanSense is a young technology startup that develops automated analytics solutions for Earth Observation satellite image analysis and target recognition. Its origin lies on two patents developed by its founder and CEO, that protect its core technology, a PCT and a European Patent.

The company was created on January 2016 with the support of the ESA Business Incubation Centre in Madrid. This project was also finalist of the Copernicus Masters 2016 and selected for the Copernicus Accelerator by AZO. The founder and CEO is also Female Entrepreneur of the year
in Madrid (2017).

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