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Gil Gonçalves


It’s a smart shirt uses sensors integrated into the textile fabric that sends the ECG and in real time to be stored, processed and analysed, notifying the cardiologist of Atrial Fibrillation cases with low latency.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the deadliest and most crippling healthcare issue worldwide with over 4 million deaths each year. Many patients, including post-hospitalization patients, have recurrent cardiac arrhythmias that go undetected until it is too late. This situation occurs due to the lack of post-hospitalization monitoring or the lack of continuous self-monitoring of patients that were deemed non-critical.

To improve this situation we have started developing a patient support system with a telemedicine service based on a wearable device that provides intelligible visualization of health information for the cardiologist, notifying him of any triggered event.

This smart shirt uses innovative sensors integrated into the textile fabric that sends the ECG and in real time to be stored, processed and analysed, notifying the cardiologist of Atrial Fibrillation cases with low latency.

The device will be able to generate automatic alerts and notifications for cardiologists, patients and/or caregivers in case values exceed the threshold limit.

With the ESCAPE project we propose to improve the emergency services associated with this device. We do so by integrating GPS directly in the ECG-acquiring hardware providing real-time location of the patient in case of an imminent heart failure detection.

Typically in emergency situations, the patient is not in a position to clearly communicate his or her health status, much less its location. The patient’s location may also be isolated and lack people to assist. With the GPS module, we can provide a much more reliable emergency service.

With this ICT improvement to a medical device, we expect a large market potential and high positive impact on patients of both chronic and temporary cardiac maladies. It is a strong added-value comparatively to other methods or systems available on the market.

About the company

IncreaseTime is a Portuguese company that operates in the area of telemedicine founded by Gil Gonçalves, serial entrepreneur (founder of 6 start-ups), R&D veteran (over 20 R&D projects) and professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto in Portugal.

Its team is composed of technology enthusiasts: Business Development and Support Manager and her natural communication abilities together with a master degree in Marketing Management.

Technology enthusiasts and restless developers always looking for the best practices to deliver the best software code. They granting them the required technical skills. An electronic is responsible for the geeky electronic things, because he is an expert in the development of electronic systems and prototyping electronic components.

This team has a great deal of experience in developing solutions for health and wellbeing. Most of these solutions are currently in use by the means of single individuals at home, by organizations that house patients with needs, and health institutions all over Europe.

Increase Time and your team has participated in such projects as “Helascol”- “KeepInTouch” by offering a user involvement methodology to involve elderly people in digital society. In the consortium AAL4ALL for Ambient Assisted Living. The team developed solutions such as the “KeepCare” that enables services for older people actively contribute to improve their quality of life, comfort and safety, at home or nursing homes.

The core business is to promote the quality of life of the general population, with special focus on patients with chronic diseases and on the independent, active and quality ageing. In this way, we develop health care solutions based on ICT and wireless sensors networks for the domestic market or care homes.

IncreaseTime is already present in the wearables market with its own solution for telemonitoring of elderly.

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