PROJECT NAME: EnergySequence

COMPANY: Bettergy




Contact information

Antonio J. Ruiz



Optimize your energy use through EnergySequence cloud-based solution for big data collection, processing, and analytics. Reduce CO2 emissions, boost operations, and strategically approach complex tariffs – regardless of industry.

EnergySequence is an  intelligence  platform for efficient industrial process operation management of energy, gas and water resources.

The suite of tools allows to perform progressively deeper analysis taking into account industrial assets, process description, and schedules, the key features are :

  1. The ability to perform agnostic automated analysis from metering data industrial process identifying their energy saving potential (operational).
  2. Screening across farms and industrial plants targeting the ones with higher energy savings potential.
  3. Action oriented benchmarking.

New features are optimization considering energy storage, and daily market prices to determining the optimal operation, and demand response event management for non-critical loads.

The energy efficiency software platform meets the Agroindustry challenge for large area monitoring and control seamless integration of metering devices (water, gas, electricity) and sensors.

About the company

Bettergy is an organization committed to a change of the current energy model.

Creating innovative global technological solutions, offering an excellent service to our customers, respecting people and seeking excellence in any project undertaken.

To do this, it combines data analysis with equipment and its experience in the energy sector to save resources, which leads to improved results and reputation and a reduction of risks for our customers.

More information: www.bettergy.es

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