COMPANY: Sense Health BV

COUNTRY: Netherlands



Contact information

Jan Kraaijeveld


ELISA (Empathic Learning Infrastructure for Symptom Analysis)

Using network models to provide a better analysis of symptoms in mental healthcare

ELISA is a software application which facilitates network analysis in the healthcare sector. By using principles of network analysis developed for climate analysis in the ICT sector, we will develop a proof-of-concept for a network model for symptom analysis in mental health.

Network models have been put forward by research as a way of overcoming the current limitations of the DSM-5 to handle complex mental health queries, but actual field results are limited. By developing a proof of concept we intend to deliver a first tool that allows practitioners to put network analysis into practice by analysing the correlation between the most important symptoms in depression and anxiety disorders.

This project will be spearheaded by Sense Health, a Dutch SME active in technological development for the healthcare sector. By combining expert knowledge gathered in clinical settings with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, this project will be a starting point for network analysis in mental health.

About the company

Sense Health has been active in the healthcare sector since 2013.

We are an SME consisting of 43 people, with over half our employees being actively involved with technical research and development. The other half consists of domain experts and business developers.

After working on a project basis for a number of healthcare customers, we developed our own service which supports a number of different treatments in mental healthcare.

More information: https://www.sense-health.com/

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