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Eduardo Arca Ramírez

Electrical Control Hardware Operator, ECHO

Technology to locate targets fully automatically without human supervision objects in satellite imagery.

More Electrical Aircraft (MEA) is essential for innovative aircrafts designs in the early future. The MEA concept provides for the utilization of electric power for all non-propulsive systems. Traditionally these non-propulsive systems are driven by a combination of different secondary power sources such as hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electrical. Recent technological advances in the field of power electronics, fault-tolerant architecture, electro-hydrostatic actuators, flight control systems, high density electric motors, power generation and conversion systems have ushered the era of the MEA.

This trend is accelerating, as aircraft OEMs collaborate with their suppliers to design new systems and implement new electrical-intensive architectures. Adoption of the MEA concept is seen as critical enabler for the aircraft industry to unlock significant improvements in terms of aircraft weight, fuel consumption, total life cycle costs, maintainability and aircraft reliability. As more and more MEA research is done, the need of efficient Energy Management inside the aircraft becomes more critical. Aerosertec ECHO prototype will try to give answer to this issue.

About the company

Aeroesertec is a Spanish company founded in 2005 under the Aerosertec Group, established in 1995, which carries out its activity in various fields such as mechanical engineering, simulation, systems of monitoring and target acquisition, design and analysis of systems, and aerostructures and updates and modifications of aircraft.

In recent years, Aerosertec Group has positioned itself also as a strategic activity in the area of R+D+i. In 20 years of experience the company has successfully developed more than 100 projects for important clients in the aeronautical sector such as Airbus, EADS, Israel Aircraft Industries, Indra, Talgo and the Spanish Army.

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