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Brendan Chambers

ECDS, Ellimination of C. Difficile Spores

Chamco has developed a natural biocide, in liquid and powder product formulation, for use in the destruction of pathogenic bacteria and fungi in the seafood and poultry industries. Many of these products have received pesticide control approval for retail and industrial sales.

Chamco blends and bottles these products in Ireland and markets them, in various formats and concentrations, to retail outlets and food manufacturing industries within and outside the EU.

To date, Chamco has primarily focused its sales and marketing efforts on servicing the food industry. As part of its business strategy, Chamco has now positioned itself to diversify its technology and marketing efforts into the healthcare market, in the understanding and belief, that the basic natural biocide technology is adaptable and transferable to the healthcare sector.

Chamco has reformulated the base natural biocide in an effort to make the biocide suitable for the destruction of the pathogenic bacteria and spores that inhabit foodstuffs causing serious health and cost consequence to patients.

About the company

Brendan Chambers qualified with a number of degrees (B.Sc & M.Sc.) in food science in the late 1960’s and since then has been engaged at high levels, in all aspects, both technical and commercial, in the Agri Food industry internationally. Brendan was head of research and development for the Irish Dairy Board and Food Research and Development Manager for the UK Express Dairy Group, before setting up a number of manufacturing and marketing companies (Carrokeel Seafoods, with three factories, employing 220 staff and supplying 34 supermarket chains in 14 countries).

Brendan was a finalist in the KPMG Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Ireland and has won many international awards for his companies and products.

Brendan has built a team of commercial and technical advisory experts to support him with this business development and has their full support and commitment. It is too early in the development for Chamco to employ permanent staff for this project, although, staff with the relevant qualifications and experience will be employed as the project develops.

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