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Wil van Dommelen


DLH DriveLab for Health

Creating an integrated platform as tool for behavioral researchers and practitioners to allow them to do research that currently takes too much technical effort.

In recent years, Noldus have made the Minimum Viable Product “DriveLab” which allows the behavior of the human driver in a car-simulator to be analyzed.  This system is in use with a limited number of customers which use it for industrial Human Factors (ICT) research. The DriveLab system is based around the modified Noldus “The Observer XT product, which functions like a runtime integration platform, linking third party components for measuring behavior, such as eye trackers, psycho-physiological data recorders and emotion detection. A third party driving simulator is also integrated and acts both as test environment and behavioral measurement device.

The existing Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is hard to use: it requires from the user the skills and a willingness to be able to solve technical connectivity and synchronization challenges and/or accept the limitations of analysis functionality, which is general in nature and not designed to answer specific questions. As result, the user has additional work to move from the generic results to the specific required results. The DLH Project plans to eliminate these drawbacks.

The technological innovation in this DLH project will take DriveLab from its application in the human factors market to other applications in, among others, the health market and can be used with or without simulators. It will allow the behavioral researcher to customize the system by creating dashboards containing the desired end-points and all this without programming. The system will do this by providing:

  • simplified connectivity: hook up third party measurement tools and data analysis modules and perform fire-and-forget acquisition
  • carefree storage of raw and processed data: using own network or in the Cloud securely
  • data selection and data management that empowers: drill-down visual inspection of synchronized video and time lines; marking events or time periods; classifying the quality of data streams; automatic synchronization of time lines; providing all the statistics and descriptors needed to manage and control what is stored and why; and not to forget: support to comply with privacy legislation.
  • easy to create custom analysis functionality for practitioners: create dashboards for desired user end-points using for instance drag-n-drop.

The solution is aimed at non-technical behavioral scientists that today do not perform experiments involving this kind of equipment because it takes too much time to get components connected and working reliably and is too much work to create end-points by post processing. Furthermore, it is aimed at practitioners such as Licensing Authorities or health professionals who need a driving session to result in an easy to understand report. How to get from data (e.g. measuring, filtering, thresholding, combining data) to insights (a simple report with an easy to interpret result) is work for the behavioral scientist user.

DLH is his tool to accomplish this. When DLH (after being customized by the behavioral researcher) is subsequently used by practioners, the system can for instance classify a patients driving session to a pass/fail, a grademark or a histogram; or if more is desired reduce the demonstrated driving skills to one or more specific dashboards. The deliverable of this Project thus allows behavioral researchers to customize DLH so that tools become available for practitioners. Practitioners get to test drivers or patients with custom-made tools that are not available today.

About the company

Noldus Information Technology was founded nearly 30 years ago as a spin-off from Wageningen University. It has grown to 150 colleagues with an annual turnover of €17 million.

We create innovative solutions, especially software, for measuring behaviour.  Our customers are academic and industrial researchers in a wide variety of fields including neuroscience, psychology, human factors, pharmaceuticals, precision livestock research and health.

We have our own market research team for the strategic plan development as well as business developers and about 45 product developers in The Netherlands and in Hungary to develop software and hardware for our products.

For more Information: www.noldus.com

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