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David de Mena



Use DICOM as confluent image in Digital Pathology with no vendor dependence and having all data in one place .

Advances in digital pathology are generating huge volumes of whole slide images (WSI) which are providing opportunities for developing and evaluating new and more effective treatments that may revolutionize care of patients with cancers and other diseases. The challenge is to apply machine learning and deeplearning to exploit the new and emerging WSI data effectively in order to analyse all the heterogeneous tissue-derived information in conjunction to other clinical and diagnostic data. This will allow the development of robust and precise models and tools for prognosis and diagnosis, for predicting patient outcome and providing useful input to decision-making.

The Project has four phases:

a) the standardization of the WSIs into DICOM format,

b) the integration of the dicomized WSI into the hospital information systems (HIS) through the picture archiving and communication system (PACS),

c) visualization of the dicomized WSI by means of a web viewer, which can also be deployed on mobile devices and

d) WSI processing with deep learning algorithms adapted to different procedures needed in anatomical pathology to diagnose specific diseases.

Thus, the technological and scientific relevance of DICOMPATH relates to creating dedicated tools and a technological context where the anticipated universal adoption of digital imaging technology (digital slides or virtual microscopes) in pathology laboratories and the explosion of tissue-derived data over the next decade can be maximised to the benefit of patients.

Web: http://dicompath.com/

About the company

It and mHealth Services S.L. is a company base on Seville, which was born with the spirit to offer solution in the eHealth and mHealth ecosystem. After seen many eHealth project and getting the base line of the success, the team decided to launch a new initiative where the central value where not in the technology itself, but in all the services around a eHealth project.

Over Primum Health brand, the company also offer completed telemonitoring solutions with the medical devices data collection from a mobile system transformed into standards and a complete telemedicine platform. This product is also the base for an OEM technology integrated in other costumers solutions.

More information: http://www.primum.es/

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