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Martin Ganter


Online Hearing Self-assessment

Screening with referral to hearing specialists as required.

Generally, people are ill informed about their hearing health.  Unlike eyesight, deterioration of hearing is less noticeable whereby the reference of hearing health tends to come from friends or family, rather than the person themselves. It is estimated that 10% of people under 65 years and up to 40% over 65 years has some form of hearing issue.

A significant percentage of the people that walk past an Audiology clinic have a hearing issue, while that clinic spends an average of €400 on, mainly traditional, marketing to provide one patient with a solution.

Younger people view hearing health as a problem for the elderly, although evidence indicates the age when hearing damage occurs is reducing.  Younger people tend to ignore traditional advertising that the audiology industry relies upon.  This results in an industry average of 8+ years before a person with a hearing issue decides to take action, possibly further reducing the beneficial effectiveness of hearing aid technology on their lives.

Ctone sets out in this project to bridge the gap by bringing self-assessment directly to everyone, anywhere, anytime on devices in everyday use such as smart phones, tablets or laptops.

About the company

Ctone Limited is an Irish software R&D company that understands the significant requirement and opportunity for digital solutions applied to the global Audiology industry.

In addition to online hearing assessment, Ctone licenses their audio correction solution, i.e. high definition audio compensation software that is personalised to an individual’s hearing profile. This is used by specialist audio technology companies that can embed the software in music streaming, headphones and audio processes and equipment to greatly enhance a consumers listening experience.

More information: http://www.ctone.eu/

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