CoolPet to medical device

PROJECT NAME: CoolPet to medical device

COMPANY: HealthSens




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CoolPet to medical device

HealthSens fever monitor ICT to medical device transformation.

HealthSens is trying to solve problem with continuous kids fever level monitoring, tracking of drug dosage, personalization of drug dose, avoiding drug overdose, react proactively before fever goes to too high. That problem will be solved by the transition designed ICT solution to medical market. Parents are often so tired as they have to wake up very often at night to monitor the child temperature, that they forget when the drug was given and is it time for the next dose. Or is it time to visit a doctor.  Also they ofter have to wake the baby up to have a precise temperature measurement. Also the thermometers on the market are  not accurate enough.

About the company

HealthSens company has been founded in October 2015 by Krzysztof Dragan and Robert Pater.  The first product – fever monitor has been developed – fever monitor. The company has been created to commercialize the idea of the unit for remote temperature measurement. Founders of the company have got background for the ICT, R&D project and innovative research based products.

HealthSens has also other medical related products on roadmap.

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