Clover MS Strain Typing

PROJECT NAME: Clover MS Strain Typing

COMPANY: Clover Bioanalytical Software




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Luis Mancera Pascual

Clover MS Strain Typing

Bacterial Strain Typing via MALDI-TOF MS and classification software using machine learning. A fast, cheap and efficient way for early, accurate diagnostic of bacterial diseases.

Clover Bioanalytical Software Ltd. (Clover Biosoft) is a bioinformatics company specialized in clinical diagnostics using Mass Spectrometry (MS). Formed by a group of Ph.D. graduates with wide expertise in business and research, we develop cutting-edge software and statistical analysis projects for the biomedical field.

Current bacterial ID systems in the market using MALDI-TOF MS are decreasing the time and cost-efficiency in the detection of bacterial species.
Extending these systems to the identification of individual strains will help applying the most appropriate antibiotics for each patient, having a more accurate treatment and fighting against antibiotic resistance.

We are developing software for bacterial strain typing by studying differences in the Lipidomic profiles of bacterial strains using MS. It has other potential applications like biomarker discovery. We have already developed a fully functional prototype (for research use only), which is now under evaluation.

About the company

CLOVER Bioanalytical Software is a new bioinformatics company specialized in data processing for Bioanalytical Chemistry and Microbial ID and other clinical diagnostics applications using mass spectrometry. Formed by a group of Ph.D. graduates with a wide expertise in business and research, it brings a perfect match to develop cutting-edge software and statistical analysis projects in the biomedical field.

We are specialized in mass spectrometry, its clinical applications and mass spectrometry imaging. But our expertise cover many more applications, like medical image processing, univariate and multivariate statistical analysis, and Big Data.

We are truly customer-oriented. Keeping in mind the goals of our clients and the scalability of the systems. We count with experts in biomedicine, chemistry and biotechnology that speaks your own language and understands your needs.

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