Catheter slip-cover

PROJECT NAME: Catheter slip-cover

COMPANY: Happy Workwear

COUNTRY: Netherlands



Contact information

Anne Groot Zevert

Catheter slip cover

Developing an odour-absorbing catheter slipcover

Happy Workwear has developed an overall with impregnated fabric so the scents from the swinery won’t bother the agrarian anymore.

The idea is now, that this basic technique can also be used in the health sector. More specifically, the fabric can be used around the catheter(hose), so that it can absorb the scents coming from coli infected urine. The project will also try to figure out how this absorption process works and wheter more scents can be absorbed.

During the project, the company will work closely together with regional hospitals and other care giving institutions. Therefore product will be better adapted to practical use and the commercialisation phase will run more smoothly.

About the company

Happy Workwear is a new, innovative company originally from the argi-food sector. Started in 2015 with an innovative idea, this was developed into a successful product and sales are increasing since.

The main activity of the company is further developing and selling the Farmsuit.

This innovation project fits perfectly in the company strategy of trying to make the lives of people easier, with (cross-sectoral) innovations. A critical success factor is the environment testing at the regional hospitals and home-care institutes.

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