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Treatment of diabetic foot by bathing in water enriched with carbon dioxide nanobubbles .

We intend to treat the diabetic foot syndrome using an innovative method, consisting in bathing the foot in carbon dioxide-enriched water.

Clinical trials indicate favourable results for patients, which carboxytherapy brings, therefore we expect to raise significant interest in this kind of services among patients.

We intend to employ the ultrafine bubbles technology in order to maximise the quantity of CO2 delivered to the treated tissues. Ultrafine bubble technology is based on unexpected physical and chemical properties of tiny (about 50 nm in size) bubbles of gas massively dispersed in a liquid.

Our device has several advantages, as compared to available substitutes. It is less expensive and produces higher concentration of the most desired ultrafine bubbles, which in turn results in higher concentration of CO2 in water, and consequently in higher doses of CO2 delivered to the treated tissues. This way carboxytherapy may be made more affordable and more beneficial for patients.

About the company

Our company is a start-up, founded to explore the market potential of fine- and ultrafine bubble (UFB) technologies.

Our principal asset is the exceptional know-how of one of the company founders, Dr Eng. Andrzej Mróz. Owing to his participation, we are in command of independent ultrafine bubbles generation technology on porous membranes.

Building upon this asset we can design and market devices, which will not infringe anyone’s intellectual property, and be equivalent or superior in technical characteristics, and certainly less expensive than those currently available.

More information: http://www.finebubble.pl/

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