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Dr Nigel Kent B.Eng MIEI

Development of an automated braille reader for the pharmaceutical packaging industry

Current quality control procedures for use of braille embossing tools are manual, time consuming and lacking traceability. The impacts of an improperly labelled pharmaceutical reaching the market are significant. We have developed an instrument (to TRL 8) that uses a bespoke machine vision algorithm to automatically match a braille tool against a given master pattern.

This instrument has been tested and qualified in a tooling manufacturer and we propose to further develop this tool to form part of the packaging production workflow with Essentra, a leading pharmaceutical packing company based in the Netherlands. Further, we intend to bundle this tool with additional software solutions to auto generate quality control reports and auto upload to a server using cloud based solutions.

The business potential of the proposed solution is discussed in terms of market size (projected to reach €80bn by 2021) and the business attractiveness analysed using Porter’s five forces analysis. The background of Systems Prototyping is described and both the track record of the company and the suitability of the existing skillset within the company to deliver the proposed solution are highlighted.

The proposal concludes by discussing the regional engagement of the project, describing the strong alignment with the specified challenges and smart specialisation strategies in both source and target regions. Additional regional initiatives that could be leveraged to provide continued support are then described. The proposal concludes by describing the socio-economic impact of the proposal on both origin and target regions.

About the company

The company is a small enterprise grown from the need for SME’s and Universities to have access to affordable, professional prototype systems. The company was established in Nov 2015 and has been involved in small regional projects and also national enterprise projects totalling over €600k. The company has a track record in the development of prototype systems and software solutions with emphasis on healthcare.

Previous health care projects include and ammonia breath sensing system currently being trialled in hospitals Ireland and the UK, a disposable test platform and associated instrumentation for testing the efficacy of antiplatelet drugs currently being trialled in a Dublin hospital and also a wearable skin impedance sensor currently undergoing laboratory testing. The size of the company and integrated nature of the offerings means it currently operates primarily through the use of an extensive network of consultants specialising in the areas of expertise required for a particular project.

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