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Protection of sensitive patient data using an innovative multi-layer blockchain approach

The BloC@ST project proposes an innovative ICT technique to ensure authenticity, integrity and privacy of patient’s data in telehealth and telemedicine applications. It arises from the unique combination of the emerging blockchain concept (distributed ledger duplicating data throughout several “nodes” to inherently keep its authenticity and prevent useful hacking) with methodologies already existing in the HEALTH sector (separation of critical associable data).

The new approach will be named multi-layer blockchain, since several separated databases split the sensitive data (e.g. patient’s ID and health information) each being managed as a blockchain. Separated data is then only aggregated by unique password protected encrypted accounts. The implementation of such novel technique will enhance data security virtually in all health applications (all can benefit), but particularly in applications in which electronic sensors and devices monitor, register and transmit health data from patient/user to remote servers.

This is the case of the smart shirt developed within the international project CAST, applied to monitor heart and other vital signs (ECG, pulse, temperature) and send them to the cardiologist. The CAST project serves the sole purpose of providing a first demonstrator for our new technique.

About the company

INOVA+24 is celebrating 20 years in 2017 and is a high-performing Portuguese SME in the fields of technical and organizational innovation and consultancy for growth through innovation. It is focused on tech-based projects ranging from fundamental research to applied innovation, thus building a wide network with an enormous set of companies, institutes and governmental organizations across all Europe.

One of the three functional departments is the RTD unit, which is dedicated to R&D technology developments itself, centred around the ICT expertise. Its development team currently counts with 6 full-time ICT engineers, ranging from junior to senior levels and several specialization backgrounds: 3 programmers, 2 ICT project managers and 1 electronic applications developer. Additionally, this team has engineering professionals with other backgrounds (mechanical engineering, bio-engineering and physicists) that take responsibility for several projects in which these expertise strongly interact with our ICT team.

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