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Teresa Valverde

Biocovet Air

Adaptation of the DCD Animal Health (Digital Capacitive Diathermy) technology to improve horse welfare during air transport

We have launched a innovative device for pain relief and animal treatment with a leading technology licensed from Biotronic AD, result of more than 35 years of research.

The system, DCD Animal Health, allows to do energy deposits in depth without producing alteration in the overlying tissues through a digital, monopolar, capacitive and dielectric transmission with the highest level technology, neither ionizing nor cumulative.

In this project, BIOCOVET Air, we want to bring our technology to the aerospace companies that deal with transportation of animals thus contributing to the welfare of the equines during the flight.

The international air transport of horses is becoming increasingly common. With the appeal of international racing meets, high-level equestrian competitions, and the import and export of sales and breeding stock growing steadily, elite horses are becoming gold-status frequent flyers.

Air transport has proven to be stressful for horses. It is desirable to reduce transit stress, and this project wants to offer the solution to this problem through cross-sectoral transfer of a mature technology from the Health sector to the Aerospace Sector.

About the company

Established in 2016, Granada, Spain, BIOCOVET Veterinary Health & Science develops and commercializes bioelectronic devices for veterinary use.

The Company was founded by Juan Manuel Manzaneque, General Manager and Teresa Valverde, Responsible for Expansion.

We at BIOCOVET aim at dedicating ourselves to provide professionals in veterinary, physiotherapists and osteopaths with the best technology and excellence in service, improving animal health standards through preventive and therapeutic care.

Our leading product: The DCD Animal Health (Digital Capacitive Dielectric transmission system) is a device with a pioneering technology result of more than 35 years of research , which represents an essential tool in the rehabilitation processes, delivering outstanding results in short periods of time. It is a versatile equipment that makes possible to treat any situation that requires tissue regeneration, vascular improvement and pain relief.

BIOCOVET maintains a contractual relationship with its partner-supplier Biotronic Advance Develops which is an EIBT (Innovative Technology-Based Company), leader in bioelectronic innovation for 40 years now. Established in Granada, Spain, as one of the leading companies of the Health Technological Park (PTS), manufactured the first therapeutic lasers of Spain in the late 70s. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team made up of IT, Industrial and Electronic Engineers; Opticians; Pharmacists; Doctors, and Physiotherapists , Biotronic AD® covers all stages from the initial conception in its laboratories to the provision of the final product to professionals, including design, software, assembly and traceability.
As a result of the scientific and clinical work carried out with different universities, hospitals, research units and health professionals, Biotronic AD® has been awarded in many occasions since 2009.

We see our company strategy fully identified with the project as it is a way to present the innovative technology of our product in a different field, the aerospace, creating a market that can go viral to other markets , e.g. road horse transport.

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