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Augmented Reality framework for exploitation of Structural Health Monitoring system information

The AR-SHM project aims at introducing augmented reality (AR) technologies in the structural health monitoring (SHM) of aircraft, with relevance for the inspection and maintenance operations. It fosters therefore innovation in the Aerospace sector by cross-sectoral technological transfer with the ICT sector. The development of a first AR-SHM system will also constitute a cross-border innovation, due to the aeronautic sector nature.

The project will explore several AR technologies and will assess them under SHM operational scenario, developing a proof-of-concept of a SHM system extended by advanced AR tools and methods, supporting the exploitation of SHM information. AR tools will be integrated in CMT flagship product PRODDIA®AERO, a structural health management platform for critical systems. By developing a technological solution that reduces inspection and maintenance labour time, augments technical expertise, and provides rapid actionable information will have a tremendous influence in MRO costs.

AR-SHM will introduce new ways of displaying and visualising data, of interacting with data and of sharing and analysing data in a cyber-physical environment. The AR-SHM project will be a landmark in the next generation of SHM systems, fully integrated with a global enterprise´s cyber-physical approach, towards effective Industry 4.0 benefits.

About the company

Critical Materials S.A., CMT is a high-technology company providing technology and efficient products for the monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis and management of critical applications of advanced materials for the Aerospace, Defence and Energy industries. CMT positions itself as an enabling technology provider for the “nervous system and bio-brain” of critical applications of advanced materials. The company’s product portfolio comprises PRODDIA® – Structural Systems Health Management, a system for monitoring and evaluation of critical structural components based on the virtualization of the relevant physical behaviour of the specific component, a proprietary VS2™ (Virtual Structural Analysis System) core technology.

CMT core capabilities spin around expertise in: Materials Sci&Eng, Physics, Mechanics, Electronics, Sensor, Signal Processing and Analysis. This expertise allows CMT to handle i+R&D in fields related to advanced materials, their development, monitoring and analysis and produtization. CMT has an established experience in various research fields, from development of actuation and sensing solutions based on smart materials to the system integration. CMT has a multidisciplinary team of 11 engineers (materials, mechanical, electronic, software engineers).

CMT core capabilities are organised into three strategic areas of expertise in order to be positioned to address the challenges raised by offering our clients integrated solutions:

Materials & Mechanics, M&M – focused in materials technologies, materials selection, materials properties and characterization, as well as new materials development and integration, namely in the field of composites, nanomaterials and smart materials. This area of expertise also comprises all the competences necessary for the study, the development and the tuning of physical and damage models applied to materials in order to assess their integrity and to predict their behaviour through the use of advanced computational simulations.

Electronics & Instrumentation, E&I – aggregates the competences for the development, deployment and use of sensors, data acquisition, signal processing and data analysis, supported by the capability of developing specific electronic hardware.

Systems Integration & Software; SI&S – focused on software development and systems integration, with special focus in the integration of sensor data with diagnosis and prognosis methods, and in data analytics. It uses system engineering best practices approach in all stages of product development cycle (from ConOps /requirements analysis to acceptance tests). With extensive experience in implementation of diagnosis and prognosis systems across high demanding industries, based in the state of art machine learning technologies, CMT can implement custom made solutions with focus on IoT.

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