The expected impacts of the ACTTiVAte project are:

  • Enhance innovation budgets from SMEs
  • Foster innovative and industrial entrepreneurship
  • Leverage effects of EU funding in upgrading the competitiveness of SMEs
  • Incorporate cross and open innovation processes in SMEs
  • Allocation of public funding to high social impact projects and social entrepreneurs
  • Improvement of business training for managers and entrepreneurs
  • Monitoring of SME project development
  • Improve financial strength of supported SMEs
  • Creation of competitive value chains across the EU
  • Improvement of management quality within European industrial clusters related to this H2020 project
  • Development of competitive advantage gaining new markets in the international arena
  • Technology transfer to related sectors
  • Integration of SMEs in new value chains
  • Generation of direct and indirect employment
  • Enhancement of a long-term environment for competitiveness
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