acttivate project funding

ACTTiVAte offers direct funding to innovative SME projects through call for proposal processes

It is expected to fund around 50 projects with up to 46.000€ each.
The projects must have a focus on technology transfer between the Aerospace, Agri-food, Health and ICT sectors.

The process of selecting and funding the SME projects will be:

  • Publication of the call for proposal work programme

  • Selection of the grant recipient SMEs

  • The selected SMEs will start the development of their projects

  • Financial viability of the selected projects will be ensured

  • SMEs should report the development and evolution of their projects

  • Results analysis of the developed projects

The development period of the SME projects will last 11 months and will be divided in two phases:

  1. Development of a technology commercialization strategic plan for the project during the first 3 months which will be financed up to 6.000€
  2. Proof of concept development during the remaining period (8 months) which will be financed with up to 40.000€.

Moreover, the following services will be provided to support innovation in SMEs, foster the creation of new value chains and enhance the competitiveness of the selected projects:

  • Training, coaching and mentoring to the selected ACTTiVAte SMEs by top tier institutions in order to develop the required capabilities to raise additional external resources and financing, and increase their technological cluster network value
  • Business and technological support to the selected SMEs in order to create a high potential development/ commercialization project for their technology, product or service
  • Organization of investment forums to attract potential investors and provide access to external early stage financing such as business angels and venture capital
  • Support and follow-up of the technological deployment, adaptation and/or collaboration of the ACTTiVAte grant recipients with other relevant national and international activities / programs linked to the ACTTiVAte project
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