ACTTiVAte will be providing the following business support services to the selected projects in order to contribute to enhance their innovation capabilities, enable their technology transfer developmental paths and access to markets and further external resources and financing:


    All ACTTiVAte selected projects will be attending a specific training focused on the technology transfer/commercialization process of their innovative developments.

    The specific training program will comprise the development of 1,5-days training workshops (Tech Comm Academies) to be held in the four defined geographical poles. (Spain and Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Netherlands).

    The workshops will include training and feedback activities, group and individual coaching/assistance, peer-sharing, feedback sessions and remote coaching to be delivered by local and international expert coaches.

    All selected projects participating in the Tech Comm Academy program will have to prepare and deliver a Technology Commercialization Strategic Plan (D.1) as part of Phase 1 of the project (Technology Commercialization Strategic Plan Development).

    All the participant selected SMEs will have the opportunity to review and check their work with the expert coaches assigned to identify additional factors (and/or strengths and weaknesses) that would not be obvious to emerging entrepreneurs.


    The 30 top ranked selected projects will be entitled to receive a customized business support package in the form of a mentoring and coaching program. Ten Business and Innovation Centres (BICs) will be selected from the EBN community to deliver around 3-days coaching and/or mentoring scheme over a 3-months period.

    The one-to-one customized support from these European experts will help bring ACTTiVAte SMEs’ innovation to commercial exploitation and societal impact. The type of the support available in the network will be tailored on the basis of the project needs and maturity.


    Special B2B events are to be held in the ACTTiVAte’s defined geographical poles for all selected projects/SMEs (50 top-ranked projects) to have the opportunity to exchange and interact with established companies and industry leaders operating within the cluster/regional ecosystems involved.

    The events will enable the selected projects/SMEs to contact potential customers and/or partners for the proposed cross-sectoral innovations.


    All ACTTiVAte selected projects (50 top-ranked projects) will receive focused training workshops aiming at preparing their innovative projects to raise additional external finance beyond ACTTiVAte.

    One-day training workshops will be provided in the four geographical poles concerned to assist the selected projects to increase their understanding and communication skills concerning the process of raising external financing from private investors and early stage VC/corporate funds.


    Investment Forums (IF) or Demo Days, , will be organized in the ACTTiVAte’s four defined geographical poles to contribute to reinforce the access of all ACTTiVAte selected projects/SMEs to additional external finance, in particular early stage venture capital funds, business angels and corporate investors.

    The selected projects/SMEs will have the opportunity of real interface with potential finance providers. The IF events will include pitching, showcasing, and networking activities allowing the grant recipients to pitch and communicate their developments to an audience of finance providers.


    Among the top-ranked 30 funded projects/SMEs, one in each of the ACTTiVAte targeted sectors (5 projects/SMEs in total) will be awarded with a Mobility and Exchange Program (MEP), allowing them with an additional grant of EUR 10.000 to cover costs related to MEP such as travel and accommodation costs.

    The employee/s of the selected SMEs will stay during a period of 2 weeks to 1 month in a company that belongs to another region of ACTTiVAte consortium.

    In order to select the 5 top-ranked beneficiaries for the MEP program, the consortium will closely look at the performance and progress of their development programs over the ACTTiVAte project.


    Follow-up actions will be set up in order to facilitate successful outcome of the transnational deployment process and cross-sectoral adaptation of technologies.

    The selected SMEs will be provided with a wide range of information about crucial national and international cross-sectoral activities and events organized by partners within other relevant projects.

    A further support and assistance through regular contacts and online interactions with the ACTTiVAte team will be ensured to all grant recipients over the ACTTiVAte project and beyond.

    In order to further assist the grant recipients in solving business development problems and enquires concerning the business support service, ACTTiVAte will provide helpdesk facilities via email and online tools.