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Improving Dairy European Industry

European dairy sector is a heavyweight in the European Union’s agricultural economy. Is the world second biggest agricultural sector in terms of output value, after the vegetable and horticultural plant sector and before cereals. (1). In 2016, European milk farmers produced 163.3 million liters of cow’s milk, representing a 27% market share in global trade. There […]

Genetics for nutrition: Improving health and sports practice

Since publication of first human genome sequences in 2001, and the completion of the Human Genome Project Sequence in 2004, many expectation about its consequences have arisen. Human genome was the first of all vertebrates to be completely sequenced, and in the next years after 2004, thousands of human genomes have been completely sequenced, and […]

Nanotechnology for food security

General speaking, it is considered a food incident as a situation within the food supply chain where there is a possible or confirmed risk associated with the consumption of a food. Moreover, a food recall is an action taken by a food business to remove unsafe food from distribution, sale and consumption, in a quickly […]

Bioanalytical software to battle against bacterial diseases

Devastating pathogen-borne diseases and plagues in nature, both viral and bacterial, have affected humans since the beginning of human history. Until the mid-20th century, bacterial pneumonia was probably the leading cause of death among elderly people. Improved sanitation, vaccines and antibiotics, have all decreased mortality rates from bacterial infections, although the war against bacterial diseases […]

Big Data to deal with Musculoskeletal Disorder

Musculoskeletal conditions affect people along their life everywhere. According to a study from the Global Burden of Disease, about 20-30% of worldwide population lives with a painful musculoskeletal condition. While the prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions increases with age, younger people are also affected, often during their peak incomeearning years. Nowadays, Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSDs) are the most […]

ACTTiVAte, a reference in fostering cross-sectoral tech transfer

ACTTiVAte has directly promoted half a hundred cross-sectoral technology transfer projects, and laid the foundations for the development of new value chains involving different sectors and countries. 1.5 million euros of direct financing have been allocated to these SMEs, and 4.3 million euros in business support services (information, training and facilitation of access to relevant […]

ACTTiVAte’s Final Conference at #DES2019. Madrid, May 22

The Digital Enterprise Show (DES2019) has been the framework chosen by the European project ACTTiVAte to celebrate its final conference under the title ‘Fostering cross-sectoral technology transfer in Europe: Lessons and prospects from the European project ACTTiVAte‘ with the assistance of the most relevant actors and a selected number of companies funded by this initiative. Great success. […]

DES 2019: Digital Enterprise Show

• The European project ACTTiVAte will be at the Digital Enterprise Show, the world’s leading event dedicated to Digital Transformation in Madrid, 21-23 May 2019 (IFEMA Hall 8 – Stand D407) • Under the title ‘Fostering cross-sectoral technology transfer in Europe: Lessons and prospects from the European project ACTTiVAte’ , will celebrate its Final Conference on […]

ACTTiVAte’s Innovation Forum in Porto

Last Friday took place the Workshop: ‘Transfer of technologies as a path to innovation in the health and agrifood sectors’, organized by INEGI at Alfândega do Porto (Portugal). Eugenio Fontán from Madrid Aerospace Cluster (ACTTiVAte’s coordinator) presented the ACTTiVATe project. Luís Pina, INEGI’s Research Coordinator, gave an overview of the projects funded by ACTTiVAte, and several SMEs presented […]