Workshop: Innovation through cross-sectoral technology transfer in the Health & Agrifood sectors. March 8, Porto.

Get to know these and other companies supported by the Acttivate project in the “Workshop: Transfer of technologies as a path to innovation in the health and agro-food sectors“, which is held on March 8th in Porto.

ESCaPe a telehealth system that allows continuous monitoring of the cardiovascular patients. Increase Time has developed a T-shirt with integrated sensors in the fabric.

FAST-VET low cytometry Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test for Veterinary: This project consists in the assesment of antimicrobial susceptibility for bacterial in the veterinary area.

BestHealth4U has created Bio2skin, a biopolymer developed to have adhesion characteristics.

BMD Software has created a digital platform that promises to facilitate the work of pathologists.

Connect Robotics has developed a drone container that can track and maintain the internal temperature and humidity, to transport medicines in compliance with the industry best practices.