B2B Brokerage & Event on Cross-Sectoral Technology Transfer to/from the Aerospace Sector

On February 21 took place the ACTTiVAte’s B2B Brokerage & Event on Cross-Sectoral Technology Transfer to/from the Aerospace Sector, at IESE Campus, Madrid.

The welcome and presentation of the event was given by Juan Luis Segurado, Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurship Department of IESE Business School and Eugenio Fontán, Managing Director of Madrid Aerospace Cluster, ACTTiVAte’s project coordinator.

Invited guests from Aerospace industrial companies and public administration discussed their relation with innovative SMEs: Alejandro Arranz, Madrid Regional Government General Director for Research and Innovation, spoke about the regional ecosystem to support innovation. Miguel Gasco, from Accenture, explained how to work with big players in the Aerospace sector; Luis Guerra, from CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) described the European instruments for supporting SMEs; and Vanesa Ramos from KIM (Knowledge Innovation Market) spoke about European Space Agency (ESA) brokerage opportunities.

Likewise, Pawel Pacek, Vice director of the Office of Development and Innovation, Industry Development Agency of Poland,  presented the Open Innovation Network (Sieć Otwartych Innowacji) project, addressed to companies from the space sector that were present at the B2B Brokerage Event.

The ACTTiVAte project case studies.

During the second part of the event took place the presentation of the results from several demonstrative cross-sectoral technology transfer projects, to and from the Aerospace sector:

  • José María Barranco, from Sertec, presented PETRA, an eye tracking system to monitor the stress of the pilots.
  • José Gomes from Critical Materials presented AR-SHM, Augmented Reality framework for exploitation of Structural Health Monitoring system information.
  • Lidia Hernández, from CITD, presented PAMIS, Personalized additive manufactured implants for scoliosis treatment.
  • Rafael Olmedo, from Geko Navsat, presented GENIO, a marketable an affordable GNSS advanced solution for blind people.
  • And Cristina Porcel from SkanSense presented FARSIGHTS, that solves the problem of current object detection technologies with a patented technology to locate fully automatically objects in satellite imagery

Download the presentations: