ACTTiVAte’s Innovation Forum in Porto

Last Friday took place the Workshop: ‘Transfer of technologies as a path to innovation in the health and agrifood sectors’, organized by INEGI at Alfândega do Porto (Portugal).

Eugenio Fontán from Madrid Aerospace Cluster (ACTTiVAte’s coordinator) presented the ACTTiVATe project. Luís Pina, INEGI’s Research Coordinator, gave an overview of the projects funded by ACTTiVAte, and several SMEs presented their demonstrative prototypes of the technologies that have been transferred to the health and agrifood sectors:

  • Luisana Carvalho from IncreaseTime presented ESCaPe, a T-shirt with integrated sensors in the fabric, a telehealth system that allows continuous monitoring of the cardiovascular patients. More information
  • Robert Pater from HealthSens presented CoolPet to medical device, HealthSens fever monitor ICT to medical device transformation. More information
  • Luís Bastião from BMD software presented NetPathology, a digital platform that promises to facilitate the work of pathologists. More information
  • Alfredo Silva  from  Inova + presented BloC@ST, Protection of sensitive patient data using an innovative multi-layer blockchain approach. More information
  • Nélson Oliveira from BestHealth4U, presented Bio2Skin, a novel glue-less adhesive solution for medical applications avoiding skin injury in prolonged use or upon removal. More information
  • Ferdinando França Andrade from FASTINOV, presented FAST-vet a Flow cytometry Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test for Veterinary. More information
  • Tiago Cunha Reis from Mater Dynamics presented QStamp, passive and wireless flexible sensors for the Agrifood sector. More information
  • Gary Antonius from VKON
  • Artur Thielmann from Fine Bubble Technologies presented BubbleFoot, a treatment of diabetic foot by bathing in water enriched with carbon dioxide nanobubbles. More information

Afterwards, a discussion was promoted with Portuguese and European public funding agencies and innovation investment funds on the existing funding mechanisms for technology transfers through two round tables: ‘Innovation in Health sector – from SMEs to big corporates’ was attended by Luís Soares (Strategy Director – Health Cluster Portugal), Rita Ralha (Innovation Lead – Grupo José de Mello Saúde) and Ricardo Cruz Correia (Co-founder – HealthySystems); ‘MDevNet: National Network for Knowledge Transfer on Medical Devices’ was attended by Nuno Felício (MDevNet Project Manager/ Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS) and ‘Financing mechanisms for innovative SMEs’ was attended by Alexandre Marques (GPPQ/ ANI – Portuguese National Innovation Agency).

The event ended with B2B meetings with companies from the two sectors.