MANUNET 2018 Call for proposals is open

16 million euros for transnational projects of technological cooperation in the field of advanced manufacturing. The deadline for the submission of Preliminary Proposals for the first phase until March 23, 2018 (17:00 CET).

MANUNET supports innovation-driven, close-to-market research and development projects in manufacturing. It aims to encourage cross-border value chains that emerge from advancing technologies.

During every first quarter of every new year, MANUNET opens a call for proposals to co-fund manufacturing research projects by preferably small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their strategic partners. Any short-term projects with small-medium consortia are expected. Funding is dependent on national and regional programmes. More than a decade of yearly calls has proven MANUNET as an ideal complementary programme halfway between Horizon 2020 and the national/regional funding programmes.

Regions/countries participating in the MANUNET 2018 Call are:

Spain (Asturias, Basque Country, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Navarra), The Netherlands (Gelderland, Noord-Brabant, Overijssel), Greece, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, Puglia (IT), Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey and Wallonia (Belgium).

Eligible projects

All MANUNET projects should be designed on the following principle:

  • Consortia must comprise at least 2 separate legal entities from 2 different EU Member States or Associated Countries participating in the call.
  • Consortia must include at least 2 independent SMEs which can belong to the same country/region.
  • Large companies, academic research groups, universities or other public organisations may also participate according to their regional/national financing regulations, as long as there are 2 independent SMEs.
  • The composition of the consortium should be efficient in size in order to accomplish the objectives proposed. However, we expect small medium projects with no more than 4 or 5 partners.

The MANUNET application process will be in 2 stages. Proposals must be prepared and submitted electronically using the MANUNET electronic submission system (ESS) accessible at

For more information, please contact our third linked party IDConsortium.