SMEBOOK Platform: The networking solution for technology-based companies

Recently, ACTTiVAte consortium has approved some modifications in the Collaboration Tool with the aim of enhancing the user experience.

The objective of the Collaboration Tool is to facilitate the process of technology transfer between technology providers and recipients with the support of ACTTiVAte’s clusters.

The most important change has been the decision to integrate the Collaboration Tool with the SMEBOOK platform, owned by the company Q4I Consulting that is a member of the ACTTiVAte consortium.

This integration will not only facilitate the process of technology transfer, but it will also offer additional functionalities to the users.

SMEBOOK is an intelligence-based networking tool for technology companies that will help them connect with other entities to collaborate in order to improve their innovation capacity.

In addition to that, clusters will play a relevant role within SMEBOOK, since they will be able to inform their affiliated entities on the technological offers and requests published.

You can find additional information on SMEBOOK by clicking on . There, you can access a brief registration form to register your company.

The first entities in subscribing to SMEBOOK will be provided with a 6 months SMEBOOK Premium License free of charge.”


Dublin City University and ACTTiVAte present the Dublin Autumn Business Showcase 2018

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