ACTTiVAte Evaluation Committee Meeting

Brussels, 24-25 october 2017.
Final results will be published the first week of November.

If you have submitted a proposal and would like to review its status you may click here.

The selected SMEs will receive direct funding of up to EUR 46.000 to develop their innovative projects and will also benefit from additional business support services such as technology commercialization training workshops, mentoring, brokerage events, mobility exchange programs, investment forums and investment readiness trainings to ensure the innovative projects develop a marketable product.

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Precision Farming: Sowing the seeds of a new agricultural revolution

The latest research*eu RESULTS PACK – a collection of articles on EU-funded projects dedicated to a specific field of scientific research – is now available in free, accessible PDF. This brochure introduces you to 13 EU-funded projects that have been at the forefront of the precision farming revolution.

The adoption of precision farming is allowing the EU to increase its agricultural output whilst ensuring the sustainability of the European agri-food sector. The European Commission has been extremely keen on fostering precision farming techniques, providing funding for new investments through both the FP7 and Horizon 2020 programmes. This is to guarantee that farmers are not only able to effectively reduce costs without cutting production but also to offer the possibility of substantially increased yields, thus providing an even stronger boost to local economies.

Alongside economic considerations, precision farming also promises substantial environmental benefits, being a means to make Europe’s agri-food sector more sustainable in the long-term and also contribute to achieving Europe’s ambitious sustainability goals.

With 70 to 80 % of new farm equipment having some form of precision farming component within them, precision farming technologies are now present in all four stages of the crop growth cycle (soil preparation, seeding, crop management and harvesting). However it is not just crop and fruit farming that has benefited – farmers engaged in livestock rearing are also experiencing the positive benefits derived from precision farming technologies.

The 13 projects featured within this brochure highlight some of the most exciting developments taking place to make precision farming the new standard for European agriculture. These include innovative advanced robotics, cutting-edge sensor systems and the harnessing of digital technologies, such as Big Data and ‘The Internet of Things.’

Download the brochure here.


Do you have an innovative project with a focus on technology transfer between Agri-Food and ICT, Health or AeroSpace sectors?

ACTTiVAte offers direct funding and business support services to innovative SME projects.