DES 2019: Digital Enterprise Show

The world’s leading event dedicated to Digital Transformation. Madrid, 21-23 May.
ACTTiVAte is Event Partner of DES 2019.

Digital Enterprise Show is a place, where the synergy between knowledge and experience is achieved, where the new ways of making business, implementing new solutions and ideas arise.

The global expo with over 300 world’s top tech companies, Congress with 450 world’s best digital experts, and 21,000 visitors, who gather every year in Madrid to discuss how the digital changes the business, to acquire the crucial knowledge, skills and solutions to shape their industries’ future.

ACTTiVAte’s Innovation Forum in Porto

Last Friday took place the Workshop: ‘Transfer of technologies as a path to innovation in the health and agrifood sectors’, organized by INEGI at Alfândega do Porto (Portugal).

Eugenio Fontán from Madrid Aerospace Cluster (ACTTiVAte’s coordinator) presented the ACTTiVATe project. Luís Pina, INEGI’s Research Coordinator, gave an overview of the projects funded by ACTTiVAte, and several SMEs presented their demonstrative prototypes of the technologies that have been transferred to the health and agrifood sectors:

  • Luisana Carvalho from IncreaseTime presented ESCaPe, a T-shirt with integrated sensors in the fabric, a telehealth system that allows continuous monitoring of the cardiovascular patients. More information
  • Robert Pater from HealthSens presented CoolPet to medical device, HealthSens fever monitor ICT to medical device transformation. More information
  • Luís Bastião from BMD software presented NetPathology, a digital platform that promises to facilitate the work of pathologists. More information
  • Alfredo Silva  from  Inova + presented BloC@ST, Protection of sensitive patient data using an innovative multi-layer blockchain approach. More information
  • Nélson Oliveira from BestHealth4U, presented Bio2Skin, a novel glue-less adhesive solution for medical applications avoiding skin injury in prolonged use or upon removal. More information
  • Ferdinando França Andrade from FASTINOV, presented FAST-vet a Flow cytometry Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test for Veterinary. More information
  • Tiago Cunha Reis from Mater Dynamics presented QStamp, passive and wireless flexible sensors for the Agrifood sector. More information
  • Gary Antonius from VKON
  • Artur Thielmann from Fine Bubble Technologies presented BubbleFoot, a treatment of diabetic foot by bathing in water enriched with carbon dioxide nanobubbles. More information

Afterwards, a discussion was promoted with Portuguese and European public funding agencies and innovation investment funds on the existing funding mechanisms for technology transfers through two round tables: ‘Innovation in Health sector – from SMEs to big corporates’ was attended by Luís Soares (Strategy Director – Health Cluster Portugal), Rita Ralha (Innovation Lead – Grupo José de Mello Saúde) and Ricardo Cruz Correia (Co-founder – HealthySystems); ‘MDevNet: National Network for Knowledge Transfer on Medical Devices’ was attended by Nuno Felício (MDevNet Project Manager/ Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS) and ‘Financing mechanisms for innovative SMEs’ was attended by Alexandre Marques (GPPQ/ ANI – Portuguese National Innovation Agency).

The event ended with B2B meetings with companies from the two sectors.

Workshop: Innovation through cross-sectoral technology transfer in the Health & Agrifood sectors. March 8, Porto.

Get to know these and other companies supported by the Acttivate project in the “Workshop: Transfer of technologies as a path to innovation in the health and agro-food sectors“, which is held on March 8th in Porto.

ESCaPe a telehealth system that allows continuous monitoring of the cardiovascular patients. Increase Time has developed a T-shirt with integrated sensors in the fabric.

FAST-VET low cytometry Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test for Veterinary: This project consists in the assesment of antimicrobial susceptibility for bacterial in the veterinary area.

BestHealth4U has created Bio2skin, a biopolymer developed to have adhesion characteristics.

BMD Software has created a digital platform that promises to facilitate the work of pathologists.

Connect Robotics has developed a drone container that can track and maintain the internal temperature and humidity, to transport medicines in compliance with the industry best practices.

B2B Brokerage & Event on Cross-Sectoral Technology Transfer to/from the Aerospace Sector

On February 21 took place the ACTTiVAte’s B2B Brokerage & Event on Cross-Sectoral Technology Transfer to/from the Aerospace Sector, at IESE Campus, Madrid.

The welcome and presentation of the event was given by Juan Luis Segurado, Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurship Department of IESE Business School and Eugenio Fontán, Managing Director of Madrid Aerospace Cluster, ACTTiVAte’s project coordinator.

Invited guests from Aerospace industrial companies and public administration discussed their relation with innovative SMEs: Alejandro Arranz, Madrid Regional Government General Director for Research and Innovation, spoke about the regional ecosystem to support innovation. Miguel Gasco, from Accenture, explained how to work with big players in the Aerospace sector; Luis Guerra, from CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) described the European instruments for supporting SMEs; and Vanesa Ramos from KIM (Knowledge Innovation Market) spoke about European Space Agency (ESA) brokerage opportunities.

Likewise, Pawel Pacek, Vice director of the Office of Development and Innovation, Industry Development Agency of Poland,  presented the Open Innovation Network (Sieć Otwartych Innowacji) project, addressed to companies from the space sector that were present at the B2B Brokerage Event.

The ACTTiVAte project case studies.

During the second part of the event took place the presentation of the results from several demonstrative cross-sectoral technology transfer projects, to and from the Aerospace sector:

  • José María Barranco, from Sertec, presented PETRA, an eye tracking system to monitor the stress of the pilots.
  • José Gomes from Critical Materials presented AR-SHM, Augmented Reality framework for exploitation of Structural Health Monitoring system information.
  • Lidia Hernández, from CITD, presented PAMIS, Personalized additive manufactured implants for scoliosis treatment.
  • Rafael Olmedo, from Geko Navsat, presented GENIO, a marketable an affordable GNSS advanced solution for blind people.
  • And Cristina Porcel from SkanSense presented FARSIGHTS, that solves the problem of current object detection technologies with a patented technology to locate fully automatically objects in satellite imagery

Download the presentations:

PAMIS: Personalized additive manufactured implants for scoliosis treatment

PAMIS is one of the 50 ACTTiVAte selected projects resulting from the advanced technologies transfer among aerospace and health sectors.

In severe cases of scoliosis surgery may be needed to prevent progression and/or correct the spine curve to avoid physical problems. Scoliosis surgery is linked to the implantation of standard straight/flat metallic straps (titanium, Cr/Co), with several holes, screwed to the spine. The position and number of straps is defined by the expertise of the surgeon.

3D digital model and structure optimization has been a challenge in the aerospace industry for the last 20 years. Scoliosis surgery implants could be functional, shape and topologically optimized, always looking for a uniform stress distribution. Thanks to the possibility of working with 3D scan CAD models of the spine, finite element modeling and design optimization techniques can be applied.

This new concept of optimized implants can help to improve these cases of severe scoliosis improving the rate on the life quality test for the patients and giving economical savings to the health system due to the reduction of post surgery issues. It is as well an opportunity to take advantage of the “digital twin” concept to prepare scoliosis surgery and implants.

This pairing of the virtual and physical worlds allows heading off problems before they even occur in the surgery. The virtual human model concept and new definition of bio-inspired 3D printed parts for scoliosis could open the way to the definition of other lines of orthopedic implants and the application of materials better suited to the specific stress to correct in each case.

More information:

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European Observatory for Clusters and Industrial Change partnering event, Brussels 25 October

About 100 representatives from the 52 European Strategic Cluster Partnerships to exchange experience and gather good practices.

INNOSUP Projects Coordination Meeting, Brussels 24 October

Cluster facilitated projects for new industrial value chains: A cluster event opportunity for sharing experience in SMEs technical and business support.

General Assembly in Kraków

The ACTTiVAte team met in Kraków, Poland on October 4th and 5th for the General Assembly of the project invited by Technology Partners.

Two Polish SMEs participating in the ACTTiVAte project – HealthSens and Fine Bubble Technologies were invited to pitch their solutions. After pitch session one of the Polish Mentors – Agnieszka Klucznik-TӧRŐ talked about the mentoring process and some recommendations to the project regarding work with the SMEs.

The meeting was also an opportunity to learn about beautiful culture and history of Poland. Kraków, is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. Situated on the Vistula River in the Lesser Poland region, the city dates back to the 7th century and its Old Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

SMEBOOK Platform: The networking solution for technology-based companies

Recently, ACTTiVAte consortium has approved some modifications in the Collaboration Tool with the aim of enhancing the user experience.

The objective of the Collaboration Tool is to facilitate the process of technology transfer between technology providers and recipients with the support of ACTTiVAte’s clusters.

The most important change has been the decision to integrate the Collaboration Tool with the SMEBOOK platform, owned by the company Q4I Consulting that is a member of the ACTTiVAte consortium.

This integration will not only facilitate the process of technology transfer, but it will also offer additional functionalities to the users.

SMEBOOK is an intelligence-based networking tool for technology companies that will help them connect with other entities to collaborate in order to improve their innovation capacity.

In addition to that, clusters will play a relevant role within SMEBOOK, since they will be able to inform their affiliated entities on the technological offers and requests published.

You can find additional information on SMEBOOK by clicking on . There, you can access a brief registration form to register your company.

The first entities in subscribing to SMEBOOK will be provided with a 6 months SMEBOOK Premium License free of charge.”