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INEGI presents ACTTiVAte project in WARP conference

Our consortium member INEGI, was invited to present the ACTTiVAte project in WARP, the Health & Biotech Accelerators Conference and Technology Exhibition at Porto, last December 11. The event provided the opportunity to exhibit the technologies embeded in accelerators and to hold one-to-one meetings with potential investors and licensors. WARP – Worldwide Acceleration Rally- aims to […]

Watch the launch of Galileos 19–22

Starts Today at 7:10 PM WATCH Galileo launch: 12 December, lift off of Ariane5 with 4 Galileo navigation sats at 18:36 GMT/19:36 CET) Launch Livestream starts: 18:10 GMT/ 19:10 CET Satellite separation livestream: 22:00 GMT/23:00 CET   WHAT IS GALILEO? Galileo is Europe’s own global navigation satellite system, providing a highly accurate, guaranteed global positioning […]

ACTTiVAte Call for proposal: The evaluation and selection has been completed

The evaluation and selection has been completed. All proposers have been informed about the evaluation results for their proposal for financial support. A total of 124 eligible proposals were received for this call.  30 proposals will receive funding for a total amount of 46.000,00 EUR plus a full package of business support services.  In addition, 20 proposals […]

ACTTiVAte Evaluation Committee Meeting

Brussels, 24-25 october 2017. Final results will be published the first week of November. If you have submitted a proposal and would like to review its status you may click here. The selected SMEs will receive direct funding of up to EUR 46.000 to develop their innovative projects and will also benefit from additional business support services such as technology […]

Precision Farming: Sowing the seeds of a new agricultural revolution

The latest research*eu RESULTS PACK – a collection of articles on EU-funded projects dedicated to a specific field of scientific research – is now available in free, accessible PDF. This brochure introduces you to 13 EU-funded projects that have been at the forefront of the precision farming revolution. The adoption of precision farming is allowing […]

A patch for health

Cross-sectoral innovation between health, aerospace and ICT. During Thomas Pesquet’s six-month Proxima mission on the International Space Station ESA monitored his health carefully, as it does for all ESA astronauts. Ranging from tests of their physical fitness to analysis of their blood, ESA’s specialists protect and promote the health of astronauts before, during and after […]

The ACTTiVAte Call for Proposals is currently closed

The proposals received are under review and the final results will be published during the first week of November. If you have submitted a proposal and would like to review its status you may click here. The selected SMEs will receive direct funding of up to EUR 46.000 to develop their innovative projects and will […]

One plant at a time

Precision farming is set to become even more precise with a new camera drawing on satellite imaging. Thanks to research with ESA on new cameras, hyperspectral cameras flying on drones are now able to see details as small as 4–5 cm. Three customers are already using the first version of the ButterflEYE LS camera: in […]