Interview with Tomasz Kośmider, PhD, President, Technology Partners

ACTTiVAte project brings financial,organisational, educational and networking support to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Technology Partners is a member of the ACTTiVAte project consortium. What does the involvement in this project mean for your institution?

The overall concept of the ACTTiVAte project is to support innovation in SMEs by enabling the emergence of new crossborder and cross-sector value chains resulting from the translation of advanced technologies among selected sectors with strong synergies. ACTTiVAte project involves a dozen of institutions from six European countries – Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland. We are looking for SMEs who offer their technologydriven products in aeronautics, health care, agriculture or ICT sector. We offer support with a 50 000 EUR grant to modify their technology in order to transfer the applications to other of the four mentioned sectors. In addition, the successful beneficiaries will be given an opportunity to network with their counterparts across Europe and to present their business   cases to a group of private investors who may provide higher amounts of capital as well as a distribution network to commercialisation on a wider European arena.

For us ACTTiVATE project means an opportunity to combine our 15-year expertise in scientificdriven project management with the business acumen of our key staff and to apply them in an area occupied by accelerators and seed capital providers. The success of ACTTiVAte will give us a very credible reference to expand the scope of our services into technology driven PE/VC.

What are the main objectives of the ACTTiVAte project?

ACTTiVAte project works towards three main objectives:

• to foster cross-sector innovation among SMEs from four different sectors: Aerospace, Agri-food, Health and ICT, allocating around 85% of the project budget to SMEs,

• to generate new value chains and to develop strategies that allow clusters to lead the engagement of SMEs in activities intended to create new services and products,

• to set up strategies to achieve stable growth of cross-sector and cross-border innovation beyond the project.

Who will benefit from the project results?

ACTTiVAte project brings financial, organisational, educational and networking support to small- and medium-sized enterprises. They may be well-established companies as well as start-ups that demonstrate a very interesting business idea and determination to prove its value.