Dutch agrifood sector at a glance

The agrifood sector is a dynamic sector that continuously adapts to the newest requirements of governments, society and the wishes of consumers. The whole sector faces the challenge of discovering new opportunities through innovation.

The sector brings a lot of economic benefits to the Dutch economy, and it is also an absolute decoupling of this economic growth in relation to emissions and use of input. The average size of agricultural companies increases, which makes it possible to exploit economies of scale. The results of the companies show stronger fluctuations over recent years than in the past. Are the steps towards sustainability becoming smaller? Reach the limits of existing farming systems?

Food sector

In the food processing industry there is a strong increase in small businesses. Investments in R & D of the Dutch food industry are one of the highest in Europe, but these investments are still very low compared to other sectors. Here too, there is a need to overcome social challenges, innovation can offer solutions here.

Contribution by AgriFoodTech

The first figures about the contribution of technology are now known. Although there is insight into the economic contribution of agro-technology technology, little or no quantitative information is available that provides insight into the contribution of technology to the holistic approach to sustainability.

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Source: https://www.regioinbedrijf.nl/nieuws/publicatie-toont-nederlandse-agrifood-sector-in-een-oogopslag.8293/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=regioinbedrijf#sthash.A2NWnMf1.dpbs

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